Family Reach

The first crowdfunding platform for cancer makes giving easy.


Medical emergencies are the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy, and cancer is the leading culprit. In addition to coping with out-of-pocket medical expenses, many families of patients suffering with cancer struggle to cover basic needs such as housing, utilities, and food. Since 1996, the Family Reach Foundation has been a lifeline for families dealing with the overwhelming financial and emotional burdens of the disease.


Countless families caring for children with pediatric cancer are in desperate need of financial help. Family Reach needed to quickly expand their donation base so they could help even more families solve their critical financial needs.


Create a crowdfunding platform for cancer. The Family Reach Give app is the first app dedicated to providing instant financial relief to families fighting pediatric cancer. The app enables anyone with a smartphone to quickly and easily make a direct donation to help struggling families pay their bills. So families can focus on their child’s care.

The Give app allows users to find, follow and support families. Users can read family stories and get to know the family and their unique challenges. Users can select a family and choose exactly how to contribute, whether it’s helping to pay for rent, food, gas, childcare, utilities, or other critical expenses. The app also allows users to follow families, get updates, and send support.


raised in the first 3 months

Thanks to the Give app, we’ve been able to help more families than ever before. By enabling direct donations, the Give app helps ensure that no family has to choose between putting food on the table and their child’s cancer treatment.

Carla Tardiff CEO, Family Reach Foundation

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