Empowering patients to become “OverActivists” for their Overactive Bladder.


Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a condition that affects 33 million Americans. It is estimated that 40% of women in the US live with chronic OAB symptoms, such as the sudden, frequent urge to urinate and accidental leakage. Results from one study show that even one incontinence episode per day can have a clinically significant impact on quality of life.


Finding relief for OAB symptoms can be a long, frustrating journey. The majority of patients cycle through multiple oral medications without satisfactory results. 50% of patients discontinue treatment, and many give up on treatment entirely. Patients are often not aware of other treatment options. Hence, patients tend to “settle” for just coping with their symptoms.


Engage and motivate OAB patients via a multi-platform, unbranded campaign designed to educate OAB sufferers about all of their treatment options. The "OverActivist" campaign encourages patients to "stop settling" for suboptimal treatments and to take a more active role in finding a real solution for their OAB symptoms.

The messaging is crafted to empower patients by providing them with important treatment information and encouraging those patients to proactively seek an OAB specialist who can help them find an effective treatment. The OverActivist website, banners and emails all help drive patients to a Find an OAB Specialist tool.


  • 140,568 average website visits per week
  • Average of 1,758 “Find a Specialist” searches per week
  • Nearly 700 people have registered in the 
CRM program
  • Open rate for emails is 48% above industry average
  • Click-through rate is more than double the average

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