Creating a workout plan that works for men with advanced prostate cancer.


For patients with advanced prostate cancer, the side effects of treatment can sometimes be more devastating than the diagnosis. Between loss of libido, cardiovascular risks, and muscle atrophy, many men question if the treatment is really worth it. AbbVie is committed to helping patients manage their symptoms as they navigate their prostate cancer treatment journey.


Prostate cancer patients suffering from the effects of treatment need to actively participate in their own health to help improve their symptoms. Exercise is the key to managing some symptoms, as well as helping patients feel better about themselves. But many men don’t have the stamina, or even the desire, to go to a gym to work out.


Since our target audience wasn’t going to the gym to workout, we brought the workout to them. The Man Plan™ was created to give patients everything they need to follow a specially-designed workout program to help manage some of their symptoms. Patients received a complete Man Plan™ kit including a DVD, manual, exercise bands and access to a digital portal.

On the portal, patients could easily access step-by-step exercises. A Certified Exercise Physiologist automatically tracked each patient’s progress. Special counselors personally called partipants and sent a new exercise band when the patient was ready to progress to the next level. Patients were also encouraged to join the Man Plan™ Community for added support.


  • Pilot program enrollment projections were met in the first few months
  • Overall goals have far exceeded initial expectations
  • Demand and adaptation of the Man Plan has stretched across the US

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