Growing awareness for Central Precocious Puberty.


Central Precocious Puberty (sometimes called CPP or “precocious puberty”) is a rare condition where puberty starts too soon in children — usually in girls under 8 years old and boys under 9 years old. Early puberty can cause lasting complications beyond childhood. So early diagnosis is key.


Low awareness of CPP among parents and pediatricians prohibits early diagnosis and treatment. As the leader in CPP treatment, AbbVie wanted to own the category and demonstrate their commitment to CPP awareness. Signs of CPP are often dismissed as “blossoming early”.


Spread the word about CPP through “Cookies for a Cause”, an interactive social campaign designed to engage and educate the target audience. The “Cookies” website showcased an educational video featuring real parents sharing their personal stories, as well as leading pediatric endocrinologists discussing CPP. Users were encouraged to watch the video and share it with others.

The site also featured additional facts about CPP and an interactive quiz. Every action taken on the site added “cookies” to a virtual cookie jar. When the goal of 10k cookies was reached, AbbVie pledged to donate to a related pediatric health organization. The campaign was further supported by consumer emails, banner ads, HCP emails and in-office promotional materials.


  • Reached 100% of goal in under 5 months, ahead of projections
  • Fostered successful partnerships with key advocacy groups

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